How Many Personalities Does Moon Knight Have in the Comics?

You may be wondering how many personalities does Moon Knight have in the comics? If so, you are not alone. There are many characters in the Marvel comics universe that have more than one personality. These include Wolverine, Ronin, Jake Lockley, Steven Grant and more. We will take a look at each of these characters and discuss how they have developed throughout the years.

Marc Spector

Marc Spector, better known as the Moon Knight, is a superhero with a complicated identity. Originally, the character was a mercenary. But after a life-altering event, he switched to super-heroics.

The Moon Knight comics have run since 1975. His powers include heightened strength, resistance to telepathic attacks, and immortality. He also has a team of supporting characters. Some of his friends and foes have included Spider-Man, the Avengers, the X-Men, and Captain America’s Secret Avengers.

Marc is a former US Marine, and he’s worked with various groups over the years. He’s even acted as Wolverine briefly. However, his most enduring role is as the Moon Knight, a crimefighter.

When he’s not working as the moon knight, he’s a cab driver and detective. He also works on a secret mission called Midnight Mission, which follows Khonshu teachings.

Marc’s alters are powerful, and he has the ability to create new identities in special circumstances. Although he’s been under heavy mental stress for a long time, he’s learned to control his many egos.

Steven Grant was the first identity that Marc possessed. He became a millionaire playboy who invested his income into Marc’s crime fighting career.

Marc’s other main personality is a cab driver named Jake Lockley. He is a street smart man of mystery, and he serves as a connection between the Moon Knight and a number of the character’s major supporting characters.

Although the Moon Knight comics are based on a fictional character, the Moon Knight’s powers are actually derived from the Egyptian god of the moon, Khonshu. In the comic, Marc believes he is the incarnation of Khonshu. This may be a result of his mental health struggles.

Steven Grant

A millionaire museum employee and gift shop attendant, Steven Grant is not the globe trotting adventurer you may be thinking. Instead, he has multiple personalities that interact with each other on a mental plane.

He also has a second, dominant personality, Jake Lockley. This third personality is more like Robert DeNiro in Taxi Driver. Its functions are not yet revealed in the show.

He has a mystical suit, which may be used to handle dirty work or to protect innocent people. The suit is not shown, but there is a secret compartment in his apartment where Steven finds missing items.

In addition to this, he also has a ring, which may be used to communicate with other personalities. During the season, he is introduced to a woman, but he is unable to remember whether she asked him out on a date.

He has the ability to beat up people. And he has the money to finance his crime fighting activities. But he has a big problem with sleep.

His other lagging accomplishment is the ability to speak foreign languages. Another one of his alternate identities is Captain America.

The Moon Knight character demonstrates the dissociative identity disorder (DID) well. Although he has an alter ego, he isn’t completely averse to killing. That said, his alter ego’s abilities are probably not as important to his overall mission.

The “Steven Grant” alias allowed the character to walk among corporate criminals. Eventually, he discovers he can access Mr. Knight’s mystical suit.

In addition to the above, he has a new wife, Layla El-Faouly. Apparently, she is the daughter of an archeologist who Marc failed to save.


Wolverine is one of the most well-known Marvel super heroes. His powers include super strength and claws. He is also known for his healing abilities. However, he is not always an ideal partner for other superheroes.

In the comics, Wolverine has two distinct personalities. One of these is known as the berserker. This form is his most powerful. The other, called the devolution form, has the intelligence of an average animal.

Another side of the character is his leadership role. Wolverine is usually the leader of a team, though he does not always play along. For example, he is the leader of a group of mutants.

When he first joined the X-Men, Wolverine did not play a prominent role. Instead, his presence was primarily felt in comic book lore.

After the death of Wolverine’s younger self, his older self takes over. This is seen in X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST.

Another side of Wolverine’s personality is his willingness to get dirty. When he was young, he was a part of a rich family. As he grew older, more powers emerged, and Logan hid his true identity.

Wolverine’s rage is a powerful force. But, his actions can be dangerous to those around him.

Another aspect of Wolverine’s personality is that he can see in the dark. That’s why he carries a skeleton.

Some other aspects of Wolverine’s personality include his devolution form. It’s a result of the healing factor.

When he’s not on the run, Wolverine is a social outcast. Although he is not particularly fond of others, he always stands up for the little guy.

Wolverine’s other superpowers are his heightened senses. He can see in the dark and he can heal.


If you’ve read Ronin, then you may be wondering how many personalities does he have. There are many. And while it is true that the Kingpin is the main character of the story, the real Ronin is the identity of a man named Marc Spector.

Marc Spector is also known as Moon Knight. In the “Moon Knight” comic series, he’s teamed up with Spider-Man and Daredevil.

When the New Avengers were first introduced, Ronin was a mystery. The New Avengers were led by Captain America, and included other street-level heroes. However, it wasn’t until issue 11 that Ronin’s identity was revealed.

The character was first created by Brian Michael Bendis in Ultimate Spider-Man. It was later revealed that his identity was actually Alexei Shostakov. He had been married to Natasha Romanova, who was known as Black Widow.

In the Marvel Disk Wars: The Avengers, Ronin appeared in an animated version of the story. But as of yet, there’s no live-action adaptation.

Ronin’s main role in the comics is to act as a criminal hitman. While he’s ruthless, he’s not the Hawkeye of the Avengers.

It is rumored that Jeremy Renner’s character is becoming more and more Ronin. This was not the first time rumors were swirling.

But there aren’t enough details about it. What’s more, Clint Barton is not part of the New Avengers, as he was before.

As far as the actual story goes, Miller’s Ronin is one of his most accomplished works. It reveals the limits of his writing, as well as his talents.

Ronin has a lot of metafictional stuff. As a result of the fannish nature of the project, things bubble up.

Jake Lockley

Are the rumors of a third personality in Moon Knight true? Many fans are still confused about what exactly Jake Lockley is, and how he fits into the show. This article will outline the details of the character, as well as what his role is in the series.

In the comics, Jake Lockley is a street-savvy cab driver who provides intel to Marc Spector. He serves as a vital connection between the main character, as well as other major characters.

It isn’t clear what the implications of the character are for the finale of the show. However, he is one of Marc Spector’s many personalities, and he appears to be one of the most dangerous ones.

Aside from his role as the cab driver of Moon Knight, Jake Lockley is also an expert on airtight information. His street smarts are likely the reason why he was the chosen identity of Marc Spector.

The cab driver’s role in the story is relatively minor, but he has a few important connections. One is to the Putnam Psychiatric Hospital, where Marc is being treated. Another is to Khonshu, the Egyptian god of the moon.

For fans of the show, the first hint of a third personality came in the form of a teaser. In the third episode, there was a brief glimpse of the mysterious entity in the hospital. Eventually, we learn that the sarcophagus containing him is a part of the hospital’s afterlife construct.

While the third personality in Moon Knight has yet to be fully explored, it is safe to say that he may be the most dangerous. As a result, he could be responsible for some of the deaths of Arthur Harrow, the show’s villain.

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